Heidi's Help | C.A.T.

Heidi, the C.A.T. Certified Animal Therapist (All in fun, of course!) 


Heidi relaxing between counseling sessions.

It can be very difficult and sad to say 'goodbye' to a beloved animal family member. I am here to offer compassionate therapeutic support in your healing journey. However, Heidi assist as she can find the time between naps and watching birds and bugs through the glass front door. Ms.Underhill kissing and saying 'goodbye' to her beloved Pumpkin (13 yrs old), before having to make the very emotional decision to euthanize her (due to renal failure), in August of 2013.


Counseling can be a Great place to "Iron out your issues"...Heidi shows how.


Heidi demonstrates how to deal with stress at work..Ha!


"We might think we are "hiding" our problems..Heidi shows how well that works..."


Sometimes, we just need someone to talk to...